Which part of the tree are you hanging onto?

//Which part of the tree are you hanging onto?

Which part of the tree are you hanging onto?

If we were holding on to a tree for safety, we wouldn’t be at the top of the tree – succumbing to winds, rains, and storms. Similarly, living in our head can be dangerous – like the “monkey mind” where we never feel settled and balanced. Instead, it would be wise to hang on to the trunk of the tree – where we are more embodied, and able to find our centre and rooting.

Many people who suffer from anxiety tend to live in their heads — thinking too much, overanalyzing, mind reading, fortune telling, worrrying about the past, worrying about the future.

Here are some tips to cultivate a mind-body connection, and more balance in your life:

1) Practice breath awareness daily, and learn how to anchor with your breath to cultivate a sense of the “here and now.” Breathe into your belly, and notice everything about the breath as it enters and leaves your body.

2) Take up a subtle exercise practice like Yoga or Tai Chi, to cultivate body awareness and relaxation.

3) When you walk, sit, or stand, visualize a tree being fully rooted to the ground. Put your awareness in your centre (below the navel), and visualize the trunk of the tree at your centre.

Here’s a link with some information about anxiety, including some other tips on how to relax and find some calm in your life:


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