Staying Connected with Your Inner Body

//Staying Connected with Your Inner Body

Staying Connected with Your Inner Body

Recently, I revisited reading The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, realizing that this time, I received some gems which I missed during my first reading 10+ years ago. The chapter on “The Inner Body” makes many good points about how permanent connected with our inner body will deepen and transform our lives, rapidly. Tolle notes: “The more consciousness you direct into the inner body, the higher its vibrational frequency becomes, much like a light that grows brighter as you turn up the dimmer switch and so increase the flow of electricity. At this higher energy level, negativity cannot affect you anymore, and you tend to attract new circumstances that reflect this higher frequency” (p97). One exercise he recommends is to be in touch with your inner body at the same time as you may be listening to someone else, or reading words in a book, or while peripherally aware of your surroundings. He says: “Keep some attention within. Don’t let it all flow out. It is almost as if you were listening or reading with your whole body. Let this be your practice in the days and weeks to come,” adding: “Whenever you are waiting, wherever it may be, use that time to feel the inner body. In this way, traffic jams and line-ups become very enjoyable. Instead of mentally projecting yourself away from the now, go more deeply into the Now by going more deeply into the body” (p98). Click onto this youtube video of Eckhart Tolle, expanding on his teachings about body awareness.

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