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Couples, Marriage & Relationship Counselling in Nanaimo

These are some of the complaints we hear from couples: “We’re not communicating.” “We’re fighting more often.” “We’re not as close as we used to be.” Other issues experienced by couples may include the following:

• Marriage and family issues
• Parenting issues
• Sexual issues
• Affairs
• Cross-cultural (including value differences, race, sexual/gender identity)
• Destructive habits
• Addiction cycles; co-dependency
• Repetitive fighting, arguments
• Conflict avoidance, resulting in lack of emotional intimacy
• Extended family/in-law issues
• Grief & loss, separation, divorce, closure

Trained in the modalities of Gottman Couples Therapy and Emotionally Focused Therapy, Pauline Goh supports couples who want to get their relationship back on track, who desire to create new vitality in their lives together, or who are simply questioning if they are suited for each other. In addition, she can also help to facilitate healing and closure of relationships, or to navigate separation/divorce and co-parenting objectives, should this be your need.

Sessions are generally pro-active, incorporating exploration of each individual’s perspectives and needs, as well as facilitation of psycho-education, communication skills, conflict management tools, and homework.

Customized workshops may also be designed for a specific couple.

Fee: $200 including GST for a 75-minute session. Note the longer duration of each couples session vs individual counselling. For clients who prefer longer sessions, fees are pro-rated for each additional 15 minutes. Also for couples who are financially challenged yet committed to pursue couples work, please feel free to connect with Pauline to negotiate a sliding scale fee.

Photo credit: Anais Buan on Unsplash