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Welcome to Integral Counselling BC

Awakening Essence – Counsellors in Nanaimo, BC

Body-based psychotherapy • Psycho-spiritual integration • Mindfulness practice

Integral Counselling BC offers clinical counselling and transpersonal psychotherapy services through our downtown Nanaimo office, in central Vancouver Island, BC. Our Registered Clinical Counsellors also provide video counselling for clients who prefer to engage from the comfort of their home or private office space. We regularly engage in presentations, workshops, educational forums and events which further the field of transpersonal psychology.

The search for wholeness arises out of a hunger that is inherent in all human beings, regardless of cultural, sexual or spiritual orientation. We believe that each person is essentially whole, and, therefore, has tremendous capacity to actualize to their fullest potential.

Even the darkest and sometimes disowned parts of ourselves can guide us towards healing and transformation. From core wounding in early development to trauma in adult life, our past experiences can imprint on us in ways that make it difficult to manage the day-to-day business of our jobs, family, and relationships.

As integral therapists, we tap into our implicit body-mind knowing and what is present in the body to deepen our awareness and consciousness. We access whole-brain approaches in clinical practice that use empathy, emotion, attachment theory and relational aspects in psychotherapy. Furthermore, we hold an expansive container for the work, to support the search for higher meanings and experiences in life. We honor and address the full spectrum of the human psycho-spiritual development – from our deepest wounds and needs, to our highest evolutionary potential and conscious awakening.

As we acknowledge and make room for parts of ourselves which may have been buried, disallowed, or unprocessed, we can experience a shifting and a flowing. As we re-integrate all these parts, new meaning arrives. We can begin to accept ourselves fully, and become empowered to make choices and decisions that work towards our best interests.

To wake up in the morning alive with presence and possibility, to have authentic and fulfilling relationships, to be able to communicate and to express ourselves in creative and imaginative ways – these are the things that can be manifested in our lives.

For a free 15 minute phone consultation, please call us on 250 323-3233 or write to us via our Contact page.


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