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2003, 2021

Are you feeling drained?

March 20th, 2021|Categories: Uncategorized|0 Comments

Caroline Myss in her book "Anatomy of the Spirit" writes about "power targets" that draw power from our own energetic field into the target(s). How are we losing power on a daily basis? What are [...]

601, 2021

The Spaces in Between

January 6th, 2021|Categories: Uncategorized|0 Comments

Lately, I've been practicing exploring the "spaces in between" such as when there is silence between our words and sentences, or the pause and reflection after taking in someone else's words (that may have triggered [...]

1512, 2020

Toxify vs Purify

December 15th, 2020|Categories: Uncategorized|0 Comments

This afternoon at my peer consultation group we discussed we need to be mindful that, because the human body comprises of 60 - 70% water molecules, we have the power to toxify or purify ourselves. [...]

1706, 2017

Right Brain, Left Brain

June 17th, 2017|Categories: Uncategorized|0 Comments

Check out this amazing and touching Ted Talk by neuroanatomist Joan Bolt Taylor who experienced a blood vessel explosion in her left brain. This talk is entitled "A Stroke of Insight" - it also reinforces [...]