Are you feeling drained?

//Are you feeling drained?

Are you feeling drained?

Caroline Myss in her book “Anatomy of the Spirit” writes about “power targets” that draw power from our own energetic field into the target(s). How are we losing power on a daily basis? What are the power objects or people that are draining the life-force from our bodies? We can be tied to a pattern of releasing our energy into the hands of substances such as tobacco, drugs, alcohol, or the hands of another person. “It is not the mind but our emotional needs that control our attachment to our power targets,” says Myss. What I’ve taken away from this book is that we are in our true power when we are healthy in our mind and body. All the more reason for us to slow down and to reset, so that we can listen to our felt sense and what our body is telling us — whether it is to set boundaries, to prioritize rest and restoration, or to say no to our habit patterns.

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