Slowing It All Down – and making a “choice”

//Slowing It All Down – and making a “choice”

Slowing It All Down – and making a “choice”

In this day and age, these activities may sound familiar to you… Examples include incessant thinking, thinking, thinking;”following” social media mindlessly; binge watching on Netflix (I’ve been there); saying “Yes” to everybody’s requests of you; running from one appointment to another, or going from one task to another. We just can’t stop. We find ourselves reacting and repeating habit patterns, and underneath, we may be so exhausted and because we don’t pause, we don’t address the exhaustion. A lot of times, if we are disembodied and running on auto-pilot, we may not even know how we truly feel. If we don’t know how we feel (i.e. tired, sad, etc.), we won’t know what we truly need. We end up seeking comfort via old habits (i.e. comfort foods, smoking, drinking, obsessing), and while we feel some short term reward, that particular habit may just be feeding the whole destructive pattern. It didn’t give you what you truly needed which may have been someone to confide in, or rest and restoration. I have found that practicing small resets are really helpful, such as taking a deep breath, washing your hands, or drinking a glass of water. We are practicing the “gap” in between the activity stream or mind stream, so that we can cultivate consciousness and “choice” points (vs unconsciousness where there is no choice, only reactions).

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