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To forgive…

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Desmond Tutu in "The Book of Forgiving" tells us that: "The invitation to forgive is not an invitation to forget. Nor is it an invitation to claim that an injury is less hurtful than it really is... The invitation to forgive is an invitation to find healing and peace." He adds that in his native language, [...]

Listening to Our Inner Teacher

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I was inspired by the forum I participated in today, where we shared about the "inner teacher" within us. So often, we turn towards externals to give us approval, advice, answers. However, when we pause and can hold a space for stillness, we are embodied in our presence and can access our inner teacher. We just [...]

On the Inner Critic…

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I like this article on "Silencing the Inner Critic" by Christina Feldman. She notes: "In the Sufi tradition, it is suggested that our thoughts should pass through three gates. At the first gate, we ask of our thought, 'Is it true?' If so, we let the thought pass through to the second gate, where we ask, [...]

Reflection of the Day

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"The 70% rule" - My Tai Chi teachers have taught me that it is easy to lose my balance when my arms are stretched too far in the move. This principle can be applied to day-to-day living. When we give too much of ourselves to work or to people in our relationships, we can easily lose [...]