Emotions need to be “digested” too

//Emotions need to be “digested” too

Emotions need to be “digested” too

Just as we “digest” food in our bodies, for good health we also need to “digest” our emotions and feelings. Some of us may have the tendency to sweep feelings under the carpet, or to tell ourselves to “get over it.” This build-up of undigested stuff could be contributors to a sense of anxiety and/or depression, and can be in the way of a healthy well-being. In his book When the Body Says No, Gabor Mate notes: “The gut, or intestinal tract, is much more than an organ of digestion. It is a sensory apparatus with a nervous system of its own, intimately connected to the brain’s emotional centres.”

I found this article in the link below very interesting, by author Vaishali who talks about “The Physical Dynamics of Emotion – how emotions travel through the body, what emotions stress and undermine which organs and how unresolved emotional experiences can literally get trapped inside the body.”


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